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Masago is a popular type of roe that comes from the capelin fish, which is a member of the salmon family. These small crunchy orange eggs are used in a variety of sushi rolls to add an additional “pop” of texture and flavor. Masago is commonly used as a substitute for the more expensive and traditional Tobiko (flying fish roe).
ItemMasago Sushi Caviar Capelin Roe
Taste & TextureSlightly Sweet & Salty/Semi- Crunchy
Size2 oz.

Salmon Roe

Our Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar is from the most prized Pacific “Chum” salmon, also referred to as Keta salmon. These large, red-orange, sushi-grade eggs are mild, succulent, and have a low salt, clean salmon flavor and are rich in omega-3 and vitamins.

ItemAlaskan Salmon Roe Caviar
Taste & Texture Sweet & Salty/Firm, Slightly Oily
Size2 oz.


Flavored flying fish roe is a fundamental eye-catching accompaniment of professional sushi preparations and the home connoisseurs. You will typically find it festively topping your sushi makes, nigiris, and appetizers.

Wasabi Tobiko

Wasabi Tobiko

Given a hearty infusing of wasabi brine to add color and heat.

ItemWasabi Tobiko, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
Taste & TextureSmokey-Salty, Wasabi Flavored/Semi-Crunchy
Size2 oz.

Red Tobiko

Naturally tinted with beet for an intense red hue.

ItemRed Tobiko, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
Taste & TextureSmokey-Salty, Spicy/Semi-Crunchy
Size2 oz.

Gold Tobiko

A delicious ginger flavor.

ItemGold Tobiko, Flying Fish Roe Caviar
Taste & TextureSmokey-Salty, Yuzu Flavored/Semi-Crunchy
Size2 oz.

Pickled Ginger

The sweet, sour, and spicy tastes of this pickled sushi ginger, or gari, is great for serving alongside sushi or sashimi. Its flavor is used to cleanse and neutralize the palate in between eating different types of sushi, which helps eliminate competing food flavors and allows guests to enjoy the unique flavors in each of your signature rolls.

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed salad tends to be balanced with sweet, tangy, roasty and toasty flavors. These come from sugar, vinegar, toasted sesame seeds and often a dash of sesame oil.

Crab Salad

Made popular in California rolls. Poké Fresh uses a premium quality brand not found in your local grocery store. We offer our crab premixed with Japanese mayo and salt and pepper for use in poke bowls, sushi rolls or eaten as a side. Mix this with our spicy mayo to make it even better.

Wasabi Powder

S&B Wasabi Powder is made with all-natural ingredients (no color / additives used).

Sesame Seeds

Homemade Sauces

Saucebottles 2

Eel Sauce

A multitude of flavors- sweet, salty, umami, and smoky


Ginger Ponzu

Our spin on soy sauce infused with lemon and ginger

Garlic Teriyaki

A fan-favorite; classic and sweet


Fermented red pepper paste turns sauce, hot with a hint of sweetness

Honey Wasabi Aioli

A perfect blend of sweet, sesame, and wasabi

Spicy Mayo

A mild mix of spices and a hint of lime

Sweet Chili

Orange juice-based; tangy and light

Sweet & Sour Vinaigrette

Marinated with fresh veggies; simple yet flavorful

Soy Sauce

Japanese Mayo


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